Empawrium is the first NFT Marketplace on the Chihuahua Chain. The Chihuahua Chain is governed by the greatest meme coin: $HUAHUA. How does a meme coin make it to the top? Through its community and its memes. This is why the Chihuahua Chain is a great place to be.

NFTs are well-known for creating new bonds within a community and are also great for creating new communities. Therefore, having an NFT ecosystem on Chihuahua is a good combination to attract new users, builders, and liquidity.

An NFT marketplace makes it easy for collectors, creators, and builders to exchange their NFTs. Although Empawrium is not a launchpad, we have decided to build some tools to ease the process for creators to launch their NFT collections on the Chihuahua Chain.

Within this documentation, we will explore what NFTs are and how users and creators can use Empawrium to explore and interact with NFTs.

How is Empawrium different compared to other NFT marketplaces?

  • Our simplified approach makes it easy to use.

  • Create your on-chain public profile and share it with anyone.

  • Send on-chain messages to other users.

  • Get rewarded for each trade you make on the platform.

  • Participate in exclusive lotteries exclusive.

  • Upgrade your profile to lower marketplace fees by making trades on Empawrium.

  • It is permissionless, so everyone is welcome.

  • Much more to come!

The goal is to make Empawrium a gamified NFT marketplace where people can interact with each other and easily create NFTs.

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