Definitions: NFT Collections & Minters

There are multiple methods to launch an NFT collection on the Chihuahua Chain. In this section, we will focus on how to launch an NFT collection using Empawrium's tools. This will enable you to create NFT collections with different minting options such as Open Edition Minter and Random Minter.
What is an NFT?
If you want to know more about NFTs, we recommend you to look into the nice definitions made available by Opensea.
Note that an NFT collection is a smart-contract that manages the underlying NFT tokens. A collection can have 0 to unlimited number of NFTs.
On-chain versus off-chain NFTs
You might have heard on-chain and off-chain NFTs. This just means that the information about the NFT is stored on the blockchain where the NFT lives (on-chain) or if the information is logged elsewhere (off-chain; generally on IPFS).
The accepted NFTs on Empawrium will read the on-chain information of the NFT collection. We do not currently accept off-chain NFT collections.
Open Edition Minter
An Open Edition Minter provides the functionality to mint a single unique NFT that can be distributed to multiple users. This minter allows you to mint these NFTs either for free or at a pre-defined price. Essentially, when you utilize the Open Edition Minter, you are launching an NFT collection with only one NFT available, but it can be acquired by multiple users. This enables broader accessibility and participation in the collection.
Random Minter
A Random Minter is a traditional method for launching NFT collections. It involves having multiple NFTs available for sale, which are priced at a pre-defined amount. These NFTs are then distributed randomly to individuals who purchase them. In other words, when using the Random Minter, buyers will acquire NFTs from the collection at the specified price, and the distribution of NFTs among the buyers will be done randomly. This adds an element of surprise and excitement to the process, as buyers do not know which specific NFT they will receive from the collection.
To launch an NFT collection using Empawrium tools, refer to the documentation page on the left.