♟️$PAW Token & Profile Levels

The $PAW token is distributed to individuals who engage in trading activities on the Empawrium marketplace. The only way to acquire these tokens is by actively participating in trading on Empawrium. It's important to note that no tokens are allocated to the developers or any other parties.

For every 1 $USDC worth of trade (in any accepted denominations on Empawrium), you will receive 1 $PAW tokens as a reward.

Token address: ibc/41D29F107504AB49A33B859CEDEF8035DCBA60048493A00122514AFAB4E489A0

Using your $PAW tokens

  • $PAW tokens serve the purpose of upgrading your profile, allowing you to enjoy benefits such as discounted marketplace fees and unlocking new features on your profile.

  • As the number of users reaches Level 3, we will introduce additional perks that can be obtained through the $PAW token. These perks will provide further advantages and benefits to users within the Empawrium ecosystem.

Profile upgrades

  • There are currently 4 profile levels and below are the perks:

    • Level 0:

      • Your profile has a profile picture and you can send messages

    • Level 1:

      • Costs 250 $PAW tokens

      • 2.0% discount on the marketplace fees

      • You can now set a profile background picture

    • Level 2:

      • Costs 750 $PAW tokens

      • 4.0% discount on the marketplace fees

      • You can now set a description to your profile

    • Level 3:

      • Costs 2000 $PAW tokens

      • 10% discount on the marketplace fees

      • You can now set your NFT showcase and links to your profile

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