📃List a collection on Empawrium

If you have used either the Open Edition Minter or the Random Minter to create your NFT collection and want to list it on Empawrium, the process is simple. In "My Studio," under the "Add your collection to the marketplace" section, fill out the form provided. Once you have followed the listing guidelines, we will take care of listing your collection on Empawrium.

However, if you have used your own minter, it is important to ensure that the NFT collection code ID you used is accepted by Empawrium. Currently, the only accepted code ID for NFT collections on the marketplace is: 492. If you have used the correct code ID for your NFT collection, your collection should be listed on Empawrium within 48 hours.

Please note that adherence to the guidelines and using the appropriate code ID are crucial to ensure a smooth and timely listing of your NFT collection on the Empawrium marketplace.

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